Welcome to H.C.I. - Healthy Church Initiative

The Healthy Church Initiative is a process designed to transform churches.  

Our focus is on providing resources and strategies to church pastors, staff, laity, and congregations so that they in turn will be able to reach new people for Christ and become the church God wants them to be in their community. Many churches today are stagnating or declining, so we put together a team of talented coaches and consultants backed by a solid, proven process and began addressing the problem. After having successfully implemented this process in the Missouri Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church for several years, we are prepared to share this established system with other conferences and other Christian denominations. If you are ready to begin the process of growing fruitful congregations, we’re ready to help. Email tcalcote@moumethodist.org for more information.


The Healthy Church Initiative (HCI) has been developed over time with significant input and guidance from individuals like Paul Borden who wrote Assaulting the Gates, Hit the Bulls eye and Direct Hit. A visionary group of church consultants and coaches passionate about the revitalization movement have worked to refine and perfect the HCI process over the years. Bishop Robert Schnase of the Missouri Conference of the United Methodist Church writes: “The Healthy Church Initiative is key to growing fruitful congregations.”  The Healthy Church Initiative is intended to be implemented at the denomination, judicatory or conference levels. If an individual church is interested in participating, we encourage you to contact the appropriate individuals within your structure to find out how you can benefit from HCI

Three KEY steps towards revitalization:


  • TRAINING: Leaders are made – not born – therefore the first step in the HCI process revolves around the training of pastors and laity. Through Pastoral Leadership Development (PLD) and Lay Leadership Development (LLD) programs, HCI trains individuals to become leaders that are truly mission-focused. This is the step that prepares pastors and laity for the consultation process where true change begins to occur.
  • CONSULTATION: If a congregation could have implemented change themselves, they would have done it already. HCI coaches and consultants arrive armed with solid data and a wealth of experience to write individualized prescriptions that will revitalize a congregation. When the consultation process is complete, the congregation will decide to accept (or reject) the prescriptions. This decision truly alters the future of the church.
  • COACHING: Provided the congregation accepts the prescriptions, experienced coaches will be there to help the team implement change. Coaches will help the team stay on task to fulfill the prescriptions, navigate any potential landmines and celebrate wins.  This third step is crucial to ensuring that the training and consultation processes translate into a healthy, vibrant congregation that is focused on creating disciples for Christ.


NEXT STEPS: If you’re ready to learn more about this process…we are ready to help! There are a variety of ways you can get started.                     

We encourage you to email us at tcalcote@moumethodist.org or call 573.777.1203.  We look forward to speaking with you!

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